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Diesel Welder

  • DGW201M/ANZ

    Welding mode is CC/Single. Smallest, compact design and extremely quiet (61/63 dB(A)) in 200amp class.

  • DGW310MC-220

    Most compact design, lightest weight in 300A class diesel welder. Duty cycle 100% operation is achieved. Extremely quiet (63/65dB(A)).

  • DGW400DM-C

    Dual welding operation without any interference using φ4.0mm electrode . CC/CV mode is standard. Generates 480V(3-P) and 240/120V(1-P)

  • DGW400DMK-S1

    Ideal unit especially for pipe line, construction site, and civil engineering. Dual mode delivers 180/200A at 100% duty cycle. Rated frequency is set 50/60Hz, and delivers 3.3/3.5kVA. Rated voltage in single phase is 110/115V.

  • DGW500DM-200

    Ideal unit especially for construction site and piping. Applicable welding rod at CC mode is standard and cellulose. Dual mode delivers 230A at 80% duty cycle. Generates 9.9kVA at 3-phase. Rated voltage is 220V.

Gasoline Welder

  • EGW185M-S1I

    Gasoline engine driven welder with digital current preset function.
    Light weight, four wheeled compact unit is easy to carry around.

Diesel Generator

  • DG15MK/UK

    Multi purpose, compact and lightweight diesel generator. Extremely quiet (63dB(A)/50Hz) in this class.

  • DG25MK-400

    User friendly as basic functions are equipped.
    An integrated fuel system and over load precaution lamp assist maintenance tasks.

  • DG45MK-400

    As IP44-rated standard receptacles are equipped as standard, any equipment can be simply connected.
    An integrated fuel system and over load precaution lamp assist maintenance tasks.

  • DG60MI-400

Welder Option

  • RCB-400/ENG

    Versatile, 2.5 m basic design for various remote operation which can be extended up to 100m with code reels