SUSTANABILITY Yamabiko’s Sustainable Management

Yamabiko’s Sustainable Management

How the Group is working to bring about a sustainable society

Up till now, based on our corporate philosophy which states, "Create the bridge that bonds people and nature with the future," we at Yamabiko Corporation have been convinced that our business activities themselves contribute to solving problems facing the natural and social environment, and we have endeavored to increase our corporate value through various initiatives. Yamabiko will continue to approach manufacturing with sincerity and polish its service-provision abilities while increasing its research and technological innovations. This page introduces examples of the Group’s initiatives for creating a sustainable society.

Supporting the "Connect to the Future! Hometown Midori Landscape Children's Art Exhibition"

Since 2019, Yamabiko Corporation has been a supporter of the "Connect to the Future! Hometown Midori Landscape Children's Art Exhibition" organized by the National Federation of Land Improvement Associations. The “Midori” in the title stands for “water (mizu), land (tochi/tsuchi) and countryside (ri/sato).” The exhibition is organized to protect rural communities, which are our assets, and pass them on to the next generation by increasing the interest that children have in scenes like fields and rice paddies. As a corporation that aims to "create the bridge that bonds people and nature with the future," we will keep supporting the organization of this art exhibition in the future as well.

Installed solar power generation equipment on the building of our US subsidiary

ECHO Incorporated, our US subsidiary, installed solar power generation equipment on the rooftop of its heavy machinery building.Over 8,600 solar panels were installed, which are expected to produce 3.3 million kWh of electricity a year, approximately 40% of the electricity used by ECHO Inc. per year. The Group will continue to actively promote the use of renewable energy and strive to lessen the impact of its business activities on the environment.

About our capital and business alliance with MIRAI-LABO Co., Ltd.

Yamabiko Corporation and MIRAI-LABO Co., Ltd. have concluded a contract for a capital and business alliance. We will strengthen our collaborative framework for the realization of a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society through the development and commercialization of hybrid autonomous energy systems and the electrification of outdoor power equipment (as typified by agricultural, forestry and gardening machinery, including rideable types), and mobile battery charging systems. Additionally, we will expand businesses that leverage the technologies of both companies, further develop Yamabiko Corporation's technologies and aim to maintain and improve economic activities and the natural environment.

Signed joint research and development contract for an e-fuel demonstration experiment with eSep Inc.

We signed a joint research and development contract concerning synthetic fuel aimed at achieving carbon neutrality with eSep Inc., a Kyoto-based startup. As investments in green technology development accelerate worldwide, we aim to make the engines in our OPE, which are our main products, carbon neutral through this joint R&D.

Joined the eFuel Alliance

We joined the eFuel Alliance, an organization dedicated to popularizing environmentally-conscious synthetic fuels. Based on our corporate philosophy which states that we will "Create the bridge that bonds people and nature with the future," we have tasked ourselves with maintaining the earth's environment in an even better state, and to that end we have worked to develop and manufacture internal combustion engines with a low environmental impact. We will become even more environmentally-conscious and pursue the future usage of carbon-free synthetic fuel in internal combustion engines as well.